blue shades leopard sunglasses edgability
blue shades leopard sunglasses edgability front view

Marrakech Classy Sunglasses

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Marrakech classy sunglasses are a bit exotic and a bit vintage. Offering the best of both world, these trendy shades are exactly what edgy fashion is all about. The pair's shape takes cue from retro shades, which mean a thicker frame and relatively compact sized lenses. The most glaringly exciting part is that these sunnies are split into two parts right down to the middle. Top half, including the bridge and the holders are a translucent blue while the lower half is spotted with leopard print. Now what has more quirky style than this. These blue shades would bring out any face whatever the skin tone and however the shape, kind of like its universally suitable. There are 3 rhinestone studs on the holders on either side to add to it's chic style. Fashion accessories like these Marrakech's evolve into hits in blogger fashion. Naturally so, as one can definitely see stylish ladies wearing it out as brunch style or enthusiastic fashionistas donning them to show off their college style. These trendy accessories offer a hugely classy look to the wearers. Keeping this in mind, presents only the best in trendy sunglasses at affordable prices to women who love to shop online.

Size (cm): 14.4 x 4.4