black watch floral bracelet beaded edgability model view
black watch floral bracelet beaded edgability
black watch floral bracelet beaded edgability detail view

Marbella Black Watch

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Marbella black watch has the potential to become the easiest purchase you make on and your favourite date night look addition. The fact that this trendy watch works as a timepiece as well as a bracelet, is why it's one of the most trendy accessories of edgy fashion. Not only is the price reasonable, it also has a pretty and party look to it. The white dial has a golden rim with black markings for minutes and hours, making it a classic watch in that sense, but that's where it stops. The strap is long, has two parts to it, and can be wrapped around the wrist twice over. The portion attached to the dial has several beaded strings, and the other has plastic floral designs with crystal stones as the centre, all black! Marbella is bound to be a hit college style and especially amongst bloggers and their followers. strives to sell the best fashion accessories at affordable prices to all who shop online especially ladies, girls and trans women.

Dial size (cm): 4