crystal studded heart shaped statement earrings
crystal studded heart shaped statement earrings top view
crystal studded heart shaped statement earrings detail view

Fitzgerald Heart Earrings

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Fitzgerald heart earrings can take your edgy look into a party mode and anyone who is drawn to quirky style would enjoy these cute crystal studded doodles. Rhinestones are aligned on these drawing like forms of the hearts, where a big sparkly one dangles off the smaller sparkling diamante one. Such chunky jewellery designs offer a strong chance for becoming the currently trendy earrings when worn, be it to pop a college goer's outfit or even to perk up a brunch look and nothing adds the cherry on top like the Fitzgerald pair for a party look. Fashion accessories usually have a statement making feature and that's why bloggers and content creator would be likely to adopt such trendy jewellery as they have the makings to make their social media posts go viral. Edgability offers fun statement earrings of great quality at reasonable prices to shoppers online.

Size (cm): 8 x 4.6