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crystal studded diamond star earrings edgability top view

Voltaire Star Earrings

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Voltaire star earrings happen to offer everything that edgy fashionistas who shop regularly from Edgability would enjoy. This pair of long drop danglers is all bling, the shape is inspired from the star, so while the base on top is solid and is framed by the rhinestones encrusted starry shape, the rest are strings of crystals dangling down almost to a tapered end. These statement earrings have silver studded diamonds that are finely interlocked and embellished on the metal base, which is what gives the superfine finish and ethereal fluidity to the flow. This is where such trendy jewellery is high quality offered at such reasonable rates so that everyone can enjoy a taste of edgy and chic style when it comes to women's earrings. A novel design like this quirky style is exactly what appeals to the stylish crowd of today, as it has all the elements to go viral and that's largely what most up and coming influencers and aspiring bloggers look out for. Finding such fashion accessories on one platform is what EDG aims to provide and that is why statement jewelry at affordable low prices is available here especially for ladies, girls and trans women.

Size (cm): 8.5 x 5