paint drip rhinestone crystal silver hoops earrings
paint drip rhinestone crystal silver hoops earrings front view
paint drip rhinestone crystal silver hoops earrings top view

Woolf Studded Earrings

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Woolf Studded Earrings is the answer to the hunt for edgy fashion for the quirky style enthusiasts. There is no shortage of bling, as these classic hoops inspired designs have rhinestone studded parts to add the sparkle to any ensemble. This glamorous pair of trendy jewellery screams artsy and funky chic, all silver and yet matted in alloy metal, the crystals do the work for it's statement making jewelry appeal. One sided American diamond encrusted, the other side is flat metal so that it remains soft to touch on the sides of the face and can smoothly let hair escape rather than getting stuck in there on sultry evenings. The paint drip form has been a favorite in art and would attract Y2K adopters to amp up their trending style. Such chunky jewelry wins hearts on social media that is why influencers and bloggers adapt to junk jewellery like this to make their cute looks go viral, wearing them at a music festival or at a college fest. Gimmicky in feel, Woolf can be spotted amongst the young hearted brunch goers and those who frequent coffee dates with their friends to catch up on gossip and life. ensures that statement earrings are available at affordable low prices to all those who enjoy shopping online especially ladies, girls and trans women.

Size (cm): 8.5 x 5.8