Giveaway F.A.Q.

Edgability is back with 12 day Christmas Giveaway to treat all the customers for shopping on the website to celebrate this festive season! Each day, the Christmas giveaway will change and will run for only 24 hours, starting at 12 pm IST upto 11:59 am IST next day and every freebie will be different every day. The rule for the giveaway will change on a daily basis. This giveaway runs from 13-24 December 2022. The offer for all the 12 days can be viewed on the Edgability instagram stories as well as by clicking on the freebie announcement on the homepage. Be sure to check the website daily to claim the benefits!

How to Enter: Place an order on following the rule for the day and become automatically eligible to receive the freebie for that particular day. The freebie will be noted with your order internally, and will only show up on checkout to the customer. No discount coupon can be utilized to avail the offer during the giveaway.

Eligibility: All customers that have a delivery address within India are eligible for the offer per day. Each customer can only claim one freebie per day per email address. Orders placed by the same email address or directed to the same delivery address in excess of this limit will not be acknowledged for the giveaway. The colour of the freebie item is at the discretion of Edgability.

Entry Period: The Christmas giveaway runs from 13 December 2022 12 pm IST to 24th December 2022 11:59 am IST. Entry for every giveaway will depend on when the order gets placed by the customer. Any order placed from 12 am upto 11:59 pm, will be qualified as the freebie recipient of that particular time frame.

Contingencies: All prepaid orders will be delivered for free. Cash on delivery orders will be on chargeable basis starting from Rs.100. If the customers cancel their order after the timeline for that particular day, and place a new order later for the same item, the giveaway item, will be cancelled for that customer and only the delivery for the items ordered will be done. This is to ensure that logistics can run evenly. Any discount offer will nullify the freebie, as no other offer can be combined.