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Bianca Black Bag

Bianca Black Bag

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Bianca black bag has all the nuances of edgy fashion. The rich matted glossy surface of PU that subtly reflects the light. The refreshing powder blue studs symmetrically aligned around the front edges. The conical blocks that serve as fasteners to hold on to on the front flaps. They are colourful to add the quirky style to the studded bag. The hems have scallops for that youthful chic style. While the size accommodates ipads and notebooks, there are two sections within which girls can stash as they please. Light enough and handy enough to hold as a clutch bag, because it has a detachable monotoned strap, it can also be carried as a sling bag or around as a crossbody bag. There is an additional black strap that has more of a party bag vibe to it, with the scalloped edges and the colourful pointed rivets that run along the length. Stud bags like Bianca are suitable for college style as well, which is also why they make for hits in blogger fashion. strives to present the latest designs in trendy bags at affordable prices to women who shop online.

Size (cm): 16 x 15 x 7