black marble print drop earrings front view edgability
black marble print drop earrings angle view edgability
black marble print drop earrings model view edgability

Dickens Black Earrings

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Dickens earrings come in black marble design, a chic style in trendy jewellery spotted on the fashion influencers. There is a big drop suspended from a smaller drop, while all are outlined by golden metal. This concept of this fashion jewellery item is blending the current with the classic. The white strokes on the solid black background, is a hit pattern. These days, college goers, working women or pretty much anyone who enjoys blogger trends, would adopt Dickens earrings in a flash, given its' high quotient style and affordable price. This pair is just over an inch in size and it gives edgy fashion followers a good option of trendy earrings in chic jewelry. 

Size (cm): 3.3

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