crystal heart diamonte statement earrings edgability
crystal heart diamonte statement earrings edgability top view

Faulkner Crystal Earrings

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Faulkner crystal earrings pay respect to classic and urban style in edgy fashion. These statement earrings showcase impeccable craftsmanship and elegant glamour. Combining the classic with the modern aesthetic, such timeless yet chic danglers add boasted sophistication to any look. EDG showcases extremely appealing trendy jewellery that strikes the perfect balance between traditional and new age creation. The crystal rhinestones are chandelier earrings that taper down, individually hanging as strings, as the top is delicately shaped like the pillows of the heart. As the diamantes sway side to side, they don't lose the obvious heart shaped appearance. Long drop earrings are fashion accessories that find their way into every wardrobe of a fashionista, and this is how Faulkner would inevitably land a solid place in blogger fashion. Trendy earrings always elevate the look of a lady be it as ladies' brunch style or a formal event in a college style or even a date night look or a party look. Edgability puts forward the best designs in statement jewelry at affordable low prices for all who love to shop online especially ladies, girls and trans women. 

Size (cm): 5.5 x 3