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Tate Black Boots

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Tate black boots are an iconic representation of edgy fashion. The croc skin pattern on the leather like material gives that rugged yet stylish feel to the trendy boots. These croc boots for women have a slight point at the head which give a power pose to the wearer, not to mention, a slimming effect. The straps just go around three times and have buckles at their ends, which are quite integral to black booties available online nowadays. The buckles are of gunmetal tone that go very well on the these trendy shoes. The grooves on the croc shoes appear like the natural pattern of crocodile skin. Edgability offers ankle boots that end up in blogger wardrobes and gain huge likes on social media, which is why women who shop online always find something unique and useful here at affordable prices.

Heel size (cm): 1.5

Available only on pre-order. Delivery will take 25-40 working days.

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