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Xerxes Bucket Bag

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True class and an edge over others is one of the ways to define luxury. Xerxes bucket bag has that quality and the soft hue of pastel blue takes it to the next level, making it a classic edgy fashion article. The pearl and cross rivets spotting the front of the studded bag are aligned symmetrically, the white and pewter tones which work as an accent against the backdrop. The smooth matted glossy texture of the purse, gives the PU fabric the classy touch, perfect to work as brunch style. The circular handle has white over a wooden brown resin like material, and with the glossy look, it matches the studs. This can be used to hold the rivets bag like a clutch bag. There is a golden chain as well with a bit of a monotoned strap in the centre to help wear this trendy handbag like a sling bag or even a crossbody bag. Xerxes gives the appearance of a vintage bag but with major chic style. It could do well as a party bag too, which is why it is only natural it would be a hit in blogger fashion. offers the best in trendy bags at affordable prices to women who shop online.

Size (cm): 20 x 16 x 16