black marble print dial strap watch edgability
black marble print dial strap watch back view edgability
black marble print dial strap watch angle view edgability

Carrara Granite Watch

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Carrara watches are inspired by the marble patterns. The black granite print is used as the dial, which is what makes it especially, such a trendy watch. The white time hands add great contrast to the look of this time piece. The leather like straps add a classic touch to the chic style. Edgability loves the marble design as it is a strong edgy fashion feature, and blogger baes can vouch for it too. Carrara is a unisex style of watches, that look good on all sizes as well. Trendy accessories like these can be worn day in day out and they never go out of style. offers the best designs in chic watches at affordable low prices to everyone who enjoys shopping online especially ladies, girls and trans women.

Dial size (cm): 3.8

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