About Us


Welcome to Edgability!

Know what's edgy fashion? Embracing the androgynous with a feminine touch, celebrating the elegant sophistication with an urban vibe and interpreting the classics in a refreshing way.

Edgy (being the operative word here) designs in bags, shoes, accessories and more are made available to the EDG woman who is sexy and self assured and super-powered with the ability to carry off anything. Unique items that update every woman's wardrobe with chic style.

EDG has been clear from the start about focusing on statement pieces with luxe basics keeping bloggers at the forefront. EDG sees an opportunity in the fashion industry to challenge it by stepping away from traditional seasons and launching new pieces every other week so that there's always something new and exciting for the customer to covet and invest in. 


Edgability came into being in the later half of 2017, a contribution of Shehla Meezan. Born in India, and raised in a family with interfaith upbringing had a huge impact on her multicultural view on the world. Her textile education in India was concluded in London with a specialization in fashion design. After work stints with luxury designers in London and New York, Meezan set up a base in Delhi. With her design experience and knowledge in trends, and extreme interest in social media, she created a niche platform using Instagram as a marketing tool and established an online store for edgy fashion

EDG welcomes everyone with an edgy take on life, managed by those who live their life on their own terms, normalizing the different and supporting strong causes. Learning everything on the way and making a small but growing space for bloggers and you-tubers who share their taste in fashion, Edgability has caught the eye of top influencers and stylists of the industry. The aim is to empower people of all sexes, ages, backgrounds and interests, with loads of confidence and bit of sass through the brand where every piece has the power to do just that!

Always stay edgy. Now, you can.