silver crystal hoop earrings statement jewelry edgability side view
silver crystal hoop earrings statement jewelry edgability
silver crystal hoop earrings statement jewelry edgability model view

Conrad Crystal Hoops

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Conrad crystal hoops are essentially rhinestone studded square shaped hoop earrings. This refined version of the classic style is what one can expect of Edgability, where elegantly feminine designs get a new spin. EDG breathes life into these silver hoops with American diamonds. These silver crystal earrings are a slanted square so that they ergonomically fit the area and rest with comfort on the ears. Such chic jewelry is what makes edgy fashion so popular amongst influencers. These trendy earrings have a quirky style even though the diamantes make them look classy. Geometric designs are forever hits right from the retro days as disco style. It has an instant party style vibe when worn on any outfit. This eases a date night look as well as ups one holiday style. Hoops flatter all face shapes and with the crystal studs, these statement earrings would flatter all outfits too. As established, Conrad would naturally become trendy jewellery options in blogger fashion and this is why Edgability sells statement jewelry at affordable prices to those who love to shop online especially ladies, girls and trans women.

Size (cm): 9 x 9

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