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Amaira Bucket Bag

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The Amaira bucket bag offers a classy look for daywear. The brown faux leather is perforated with tiny square holes for a chic 3D visual effect. There is a contrasting beige pouch inside that has a drawstring for closure. There are two clasps on the exterior top so that they can be bound together to give it a nice shape alongwith keeping it closed. This trendy handbag is a perfect purchase for someone who wants a light, easy to carry bag, for day to day runs. There are two kinds of straps, one is a studded short strap while the other is a long one to wear it as a crossbody bag or sling bag. The shorter strap has multicoloured studs on them as added quirky style. Amaira has several qualities of edgy fashion and the look of which sits well in blogger fashion too. Keeping this in mind, tries to present only the best in trendy bags at affordable prices to women who shop online.

Size (cm): 19 X 13 X 6