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Amna Boho Necklace

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Amna boho necklace has all the makings of chic jewelry. The edgy fashion choker is actually a statement necklace. Made up of individual unique pieces, the trendy necklace offers a party look with quirky style. While the holders are golden, the base body is black and strung together in between are baubles of different shapes and sizes. There are circular neckpieces, some matte black and some marbled, cylindrical pieces, black and silver. And a crowning item as seen on the metallic globe. The trendy choker is exactly the kind of junk jewellery that does the rounds in the wardrobes of influencers. Fashion accessories with such chic style make their way into blogger fashion and can be seen donned as college style or date night looks, even on ladies who flaunt their brunch style. Because this trendy choker is inspired from tribal looks, this largely black necklace stands out prominently. presents the best in statement jewelry at affordable prices to women who shop online.

Size (cm): 51 x 8