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Annette Yellow Bag

Annette Yellow Bag

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Annette yellow bag showcases the masterful craftsmanship which is at the heart of EDG box bags. The micro bag delivers a relaxed and refined design that has an urban look for the modern woman. The playful color gives the monotoned bag a contemporary touch. The finish is where the details win the hearts of the beholders and nothing is more luxe than that. The top handle of the formal bag works as a wristlet and can also be swung about, also has all the impeccable detailing on the mini bag that brings out the minimalistic style. There is a classic lock system on the trendy handbag, as seen on heritage trunks that unlocks to reveal the lined space within which are sufficient for the essentials of the day. All these quirky elements make this cute bag an epitome of edgy fashion. Not to mention, it's versatility to pose as a formal bag or party bag for work or social events respectively. The purse can also be held by itself as a clutch bag as is the norm offlate, what with it's small frame. Ideal to show off as brunch style, this chic boxy bag would attract fashionistas everywhere. This is why Annette would be a hit in blogger fashion and this is why Edgability puts forward only the best in trendy bags at affordable prices for women who love to shop online.

Size (cm): 12 x 10 x 10

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