orange wristlet with hoop edgability
orange wristlet with hoop edgability bottom view

Arya Tan Wristlet

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Arya is a wristlet that brings a fresh take to the hugely trending handbag style. The burst of flaming warm tones of burnt orange and brick red are complimented with the cool tones of the light blue. This purse has an applique look and the detailing of the stitching that gives it a very chic look. The studs used frugally add the required edgy fashion element to the trendy bag. It is a great option for upping your brunch style. The hoop handle has an additional covered portion for better grip and some extra cool points. Arya works well as a clutch bag as well as a sling bag, and has ample of room to store more than just your essentials.

Size (cm): 20 x 12 x 8