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Canterbury Medium Watch

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While the name comes from the place where fine wood can be found, an ode to the finer finishes and texture inspiration can be found on the Canterbury wood watches. The wooden shades can be seen across all three styles, dark, light and the one that falls in between, the medium. The grains of wood can be seen printed everywhere, the straps, the dial, even the frame! The only additional colour can be spotted on the time demarkations and the hour hands. While the structure may be of a classic watch, the appearance takes it to another level of edgy fashion. Anything out of the ordinary, any that's a sureshot winner in blogger fashion, and a trendy wristwatch like the Canterbury is exactly the kind of fashion accessories that would be a social media hit. Edgability strives to offer the most unique chic styles in trendy accessories like these timepieces at affordable low prices to everyone who shops online especially ladies, girls and trans women

Dial size (cm): 3.8