Cassia Box Bag
croc skin yellow box bag classy bag edgability angle view
croc skin yellow box bag classy bag edgability back view

Cassia Box Bag

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Cassia box bag is a coveted product of edgy fashion. Influenced by the classic look of vintage bags, alongside the trendsetting additions, this classy bag is the investment piece one holds out for. Edgability presents iconic designs that seamlessly infuse their rich heritage with contemporary aesthetics. The croc skin bag actually has the animal print texture on high quality cow leather, ensuring the surface has the conditioned smoothness. The fine finish and the handcrafted construction shows the impeccable attention to detail. The front lock is metallic gold and is finely polished. Going so perfectly with the bright yellow body, always a refresher in the wardrobe, this mini bag has great quirky style. The top handle is firmly placed on top to ensure years of carrying around it like a clutch bag. A tag is wrapped around it too, showing that luxe style can be labeled with one's name. Even a monotoned strap is provided to wear the formal bag with a playful tone as a sling bag or wrapped across as a crossbody bag. The inner lining is a neutral toned polyester with compartments for cash and cards. Cassia has a memorable element which is why it would impact blogger fashion in the best way. only offers luxury designs on trendy bags at affordable prices to women who love fashion and shopping online.

Size (cm): 14 x 13 x 13