beige choker with silver hoop necklace front view edgability
beige choker with silver hoop necklace angle view edgability

Deneuve Beige Choker

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Deneuve neckpiece is the chic version of an otherwise edgy fashion design. This beige choker has a silver hoop that makes the trendy necklace really pop. It's a good alternative to the usual black chokers spotted in the market. Sometimes, you need designs in your collection, that is unique and attractive, and could definitely be conversation starters. The minimalistic style of Deneuve goes a long way in subtle statement making. In height, this edgy jewelry piece is about an inch in width and is adjustable in size. The added detail of the loop, just adds a cool fashion quotient. This different take on chokers is a popular blogger style.

Size (height): 1"