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red hearts box bag edgability angle view
red hearts box bag edgability side view
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Elodie Red Bag

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Elodie red bag is one cute look of a trendy bag sold on Edgability. This box bag is heart shaped, sturdy and solid, quite like what hearts in today's time, have become. The scarf wrapped around the handle gives the French chic style. This trendy handbag has quirky style as it is a playful what with the red heart design. There is a strap provided as well, to wear it like a sling bag or crossbody bag. A purse like this is minimalistic in style as there is a clean cut look, and this makes for a great look in edgy fashion. An embossed script is on the front, and the opening of the trendy bag is there too. A zipper runs along the front edge. Bloggers of the fashion community are bound to fall in love with this heart bag.

Size (cm): 18 x 15 x 8

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