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Elsa Black Bag

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Elsa black bag is pretty much the coolest wristlet one can carry around as a party bag. The chic style is a triangle bag with a zipper opening on one edge. There is a small monotoned strap at the top through which one can put in their hand and swing it around while dancing. The fur bag is covered up by faux furry material. The simple look is appreciated by minimalistic style adopters the most. While it maybe small in size, it can just about hold your cash and cards, mobile will need to stay safe in your pockets. The purse can be held as a clutch bag too. The shape is quirky and in some ways, it's also a box bag. Trendy handbags come in all shapes and sizes and edgy fashion bloggers take on experimental designs all the time. This is why Edgability brings forward the most unique styles in trendy bags at affordable prices for women who love to shop online as well as party it up.

Size (cm): 8 x 8 x 8