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silver metallic bag box bag edgability
silver metallic bag box bag edgability front view
silver metallic bag box bag edgability open view
silver metallic bag box bag edgability angle view

Fahana Silver Bag

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Fahana silver bag is a huge representative of edgy fashion, especially on a luxury level. This is a box bag in the form of a cage, which also has a gate like opening, with a clasp on the front that hinges itself to the body. There is also a fine links chain that have fasteners at the ends that can be attached to the mini bag from the sides. This chain strap works well to use it like a sling bag or crossbody bag. The purse has a grid like pattern in gunmetal silver metal. While placing your favourite items inside this clutch bag, one has to ensure they are bigger than the holes so nothing penetrates through, so show off only your best and bigger articles needed for the evening. Fahana has such chic style, that it's a classy bag to complete a date night look or a perfect clubbing night's party bag. It's a trendy handbag bound to be a hit with the social media influencers and bloggers of the fashion industry.

Size (cm): 20 x 12 x 6

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