crystal necklace butterfly pendant edgability
crystal necklace butterfly pendant edgability side view
crystal necklace butterfly pendant edgability model view

Flaka Crystal Necklace

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Flaka crystal necklace is the ultimate gift to get for your girlfriend, your sister, your colleague, just about any special woman in your life. The intricate design of crystal stones placed delicately within the confines of the resplendent shape of butterflies make for a chic yet statement necklace. The silver toned metal used flatters the silver neckpiece as the light reflecting off it would be natural. The quirky style of the ever popular theme of insects always work out to be hit fashion accessories. Junk jewelry like this trendy necklace is a great party look to up one's college style, especially a date night look. The silver necklace dangles on a fine silver metallic chain which can always be replaced by something else the wearer chooses to adorn. Chic jewelry like Flaka would appreciate brunch style of women as well, which is why fashion bloggers would recommend this edgy fashion article as a steal to their fans. always looks to present the most chic designs in statement jewelry at affordable prices to women who shop online.

Size (inch): 1.8 x 1