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Irina Gold Bag

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Irina gold bag is a feature handbag at not to be missed. The sequins drawstring bag sits pretty in the clear bag which is of the trending bucket bag shape. The golden pouch is a mini bag that stores the essentials for a night out, and with all that shine, it makes for quite a party bag. The transparent bag works its charm by exposing the contents carried around, so if its not the metallic bag, it should very well be some fun articles to make everyone around jealous! Inspired by geometric designs, the handles are wood like rings that are held together on the arm or by the hands as a clutch bag. Light in weight and handy in size, this purse has quirky style that runs well in blogger fashion. Irina runs in the league of super holiday style as well as brunch style. Edgability offers the latest in trendy bags at affordable prices to women who shop online.

Size (cm): 21 x 18 x 18