marble white wallet edgability
marble white wallet edgability front view
marble white wallet edgability angle view

Lost Marbles White Wallet

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Lost Marbles white wallet is one of the hugely popular fashion accessories available on the site here. The marble design is one of the top searched fashion patterns on the internet and especially in black and white, it is safe to say, it is quite the favourite. This quirky style has black stroked on the white base which is made up of PU leather. While the structure of this trendy wallet is standard, with more than enough slots for cards, cash and coins, there is a unique strap attached to it as well. The strap has a golden plug, which holds the strap in, that allows to be worn as a wristlet around the hand. There is a flap that goes over the other side, working as a magnetic fastener. This white and black wallet has a classy look and can be considered in brunch style as well as for college style. Minimalistic style bloggers are going to flip over Lost Marbles and this is why likes to offer the best in trendy accessories at affordable prices to women who shop online.

Size (cm): 19 x 9