metallic black marble dial watch edgability
metallic white marble dial watch edgability

Lyon Black Watch

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Lyon black watch is one style that is, with all its hear and soul, edgy fashion. The classic design amalgamated with an urban concept design is the core of this trendy watch. The dark silver on the body is metallic alloy, with textured straps that also have the standard clasp at the ends. The dial is where the magic happens. The iconic marble design is the base of the dial, one has fine grey strokes on black that resembles granite, while the other has black and grey strokes on white. Both have the dark silver time hands, making the background stand out even more. Timepieces make for perfect gifts to give someone who enjoys minimalistic style. Edgy fashionistas and bloggers into minimalism would make the most of such fashion accessories as these are bound to win some social media love from their fans. Edgability ensures that only the best designs in trendy accessories at affordable prices are sold to women who love to shop online.

Dial size (cm): 4

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