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Mara Basket Bag

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Can woven bags are being spotted across social media with influencers and bloggers all over the world donning them. Mara basket bag is inspired from the island life, where the local artisans would use their craft of tree canes to produce artifacts. The weave on the box bag is unique with fine art like work has been done. The fastener is a belt patch with weave loops as a non functional loop and a button that's used as a clasp on top. The mini bag's geometric design and the fine finish around the edges portrays the modern touch to an artisanal concept, and this is what represents edgy fashion. This chic style is a travel friendly look and goes with the tropical holidays one takes. There is a brown leather like strap too so that one can wear it as a sling bag or across the front like a crossbody bag. Of course, this purse can also be held as a clutch bag. There is just about enough room to hold in the essentials. ensures to provide travel style in trendy bags at affordable prices to women who shop online.

Size (cm): 19 x 12 x 7

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