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Odette Box Bag

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Odette box bag boasts a old Hollywood charm that radiates femininity and sensuality without compromising on design and construction. This classic design is based on EDG's signature chic style of the boxy shape. The true origins lie in vintage bags that sought glamor and were worn by colorful personalities seen on black and white screens. A timeless mini bag that exudes modern aesthetics appeals to one and all, not to mention, hugely to the minimalist style enthusiasts. The PU leather body in chalk white is infused with sophistication and the fine craftsmanship ensures that despite an evolved audience, the desire for luxe tailoring remains. There is a silver clasp on the front that unlocks itself when slid inwards, just like the good old days. A soft top handle gives the wearer the chance to draw inspiration from retro fashion wearing it like a wristlet. While this clutch bag has a cute look in the hands of the edgy fashionista, there is a monotoned long strap as well that can be adjusted to size, and worn over as a crossbody or sling bag. There are even stud feet at the bottom to keep the formal bag clean as one would want. Handbags like Odette carve a niche for itself in blogger fashion and make for a good investment piece as well, or even a heritage item to pass down to the generations as it would live alive forever. brings forward such trendy bags at affordable prices for women who love to shop online.

Size (cm): 13 x 12 x 10