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Paris Mixed Watch

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Just as Paris is known for breaking the rules and steering forward to make a statement, the Paris mixed watch does exactly that. Breaking stereotypes of blue for boys and pink for girls, this trendy watch is a striking rebellion to depict that. As one strap is a bright color and the other is another striking shade, the dial is where the magic happens, the blend of the two colours. The ombre watch is the perfect element to make a not so political statement of equality, nothing speaks edgy fashion louder! There are black markings to read the time, with a fine silver finish on the frame, making this otherwise classic wrist watch into a classy piece. Fashion accessories that have a quirky style are huge hits in blogger fashion, also making it an easy college style. Edgability looks to present unique designs in trendy timepieces at affordable low prices to everyone who shops online especially ladies, girls and trans women.

Dial size (cm): 3.8