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Paris Ombré Watch

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Black is identified with Paris, it's the go-to colour of most fashion week attendees. This trendy watch represents the city's sleek style and it's take on edgy fashion. Simply put, Paris ombre watch is a classic black and white watch with a blending effect. Minimalist style enthusiasts are suckers for simplicity in design and monotoned looks. The unique feature of these timepieces is the dial, the base of which has an ombre from white to black. Right at the centre are the time hands located, the hours markings are also along the border, all of which are of a dark silver that stand out against the black and white background. The frame of the dial is a light golden and works like an accent against the neutrals. Another added feature to be noted is the PU straps follow the colour of the ombre, so the top part that's white has a white strap and the portion that turns black has the black strap art the bottom. The structure is of a classic wrist watch while the appearance is anything but that. Content creators and bloggers of the fashion world enjoy funky accessories like this to go with all their outfits and to stand its own too. Edgability presents the most unique styles in trendy watches to everyone who shops online especially ladies, girls and trans women.

Dial size (cm): 3.8