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Persis Sling Bag

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Persis sling bags are Edgability's super classy bunch. The beauty in these pieces of edgy fashion are the striped panels that run along the middle, with the different shades of sandy rose. One of the purses have peach tones on white, while the other one has peach and white against the grey. They are made up of leather PU. There are golden plated holes on the top, which has a metallic chain run through from the inside, unlike the chains that normally stick out from the sides. There is a soft PU panel on the strap as well, for the sake of comfort for when this trendy handbag is used as a sling bag or worn across as a crossbody bag. The beautiful pastel shades would flatter any skin tone so if one wants to use it like a clutch bag. Fashion bloggers enjoy distinct looks to add to their chic style, and Persis is no exception when it comes to winning social media. Keeping this in mind, presents the best in trendy bags at affordable prices to women who shop online.

Size (cm): 22 x 16 x 8