red stripes scarf watch edgability
red stripes scarf watch edgability model view
red stripes scarf watch edgability detail view

Petra Scarf Watch

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Petra scarf watches take its cue from the Jordanian attire. The use of their scarves and head dresses translates in a unique way into a trendy accessory. The strap is in the form of a striped tie-up which you can knot around your wrist or your tote (or anything for that matter). This chic style of wearing the watch is what makes it such an edgy fashion article. Trendy watches like these would be a constant reminder of planning of holiday! The golden dial is classic, and medium sized, suiting all skin tones and wrist sizes respectively. is always looking to sell trendy fashion accessories like these quirky timepieces at affordable low prices to everyone who shops online especially ladies, girls and trans women. These come in 3 colours: red, purple and black.

Dial size (cm): 3.8