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Sandrine Red Bag

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Sandrine red bag is a super hot party bag to carry around town, not to mention it's chic French feel. The sparkles studded on the body add that extra bit of oomph, that too on red! The glitter bag also has the plain and smooth area on the top surface of the purse, which has the effect of leather but is made up of PU. The heart patch on the upper flap is especially cute, as well as functional as the the top part of the clasp underneath. The bottom portion of the body of the trendy bag, is made up of two rolled up sections and juxtapose finely, against the rigid structure when viewed from the front. There are two holder hoops at the top, on which the bag strap is fastened, for that quirky style. This trendy handbag can be worn over the shoulder like a sling bag and even around like a crossbody bag. What could call for more attention when you're out? No wonder bloggers of the fashion streets take to Sandrine, a culmination of edgy fashion and club trends.

Size (cm): 17 x 17 x 11