black rivets silver backpack front view edgability
black rivets silver backpack model view edgability

Yoko Silver Backpack

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Yoko backpack is just perfect for the back-to-school shopper, for college going girls. Music festivals are the place to get noticed with the cool silver bag. The texture is brushed so the light gets reflected in the best way and makes it appear sparkly or glittery. The black rivets studded on the edges and on the front pocket makes it stand out against the silver even more. A keychain with a cute animated toy face with tassels on the side, comes along with the bag pack. Metallics are doing all the rounds this year and any event can use an additional shiny element. Edgability offers international trends like these bagpacks online at affordable prices to women who enjoy shopping, so that everyone can have some fun with edgy fashion.

Size (cm): 28 x 18 x 10