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Zoey Crossbody Bag

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Zoey crossbody bag is the perfect handbag to add to your edgy fashion collection. This black bag fits all situations and all outfits, really just the most viable option and a classic style to own. This trendy handbag displays all the elements that more than justifies the purchase. There is a metallic silver hook that hangs upside down as a heavy fastener. There is a top handle on this classy bag that is detachable and can let the wearer swing it around like a clutch bag in their hands. There is also a provisional chain that can be worn around the body or over the shoulder like a sling bag. There is sufficient room within to store a lot more than your essentials. The solid structure gives the impression of a box bag, and wins over the hearts of fashionistas with its cute look. A unisex bag like this defies all gender stereotypes. The texture is soft and a matted glossy PU surface gives the monotoned bag top points. Fashion bloggers love minimalistic style to show off on social media and this is why offers such trendy bags at affordable prices to women who shop online.

Size (cm): 17 x 13 x 7